Ferrous Alloys

Ferrous alloys are iron containing compounds, having a valance of +2 . The most common type of ferrous alloy is steel with carbon contents of between 0 and 2 weight percentage. Other alloying elements lead to the forming of carbides, which improve  the material properties as hardness, tensile strength and hardenability. Mild steel, stainless steel, cast iron and wrought iron are other well-known ferrous metals, mainly praised for their tensile strength and durability. Ferrous alloys are also the most recycled materials in the word.

Setforge provides all types of ferrous alloys. Our expertise includes a solid knowledge of the metallurgy of the applied metals as forging temperature, HTcycle-heat treatment, following forging process-cycle, etc. Our know-how in material deformation is of critical importance for the final product. Setforge Engineering experts systematically use software simulation to ensure the efficiency of the process when designing a new component. 

Our Expertise: 
Ferrous Railway Component

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Technical Characteristics


carbon steel C20 and C30

alloyed steel 20 MC5, 20MnCr5R, 20 /40 CD4, 20 CrMo4; 

microalloyed steel 35 MnSiV5; 

precipitation hardening steel 15 5PH and 17 4 PH; 

stainless steel 304L and 316L

*Please note that these are only some examples for the available grades.


Spectrum of Components:

  • components for every possible mechanical field (automotive, trucks, railways, off highway, etc…)
  • very large spectrum of grades
  • mechanical properties obtained at a reasonable cost, thanks to adjustable heat treatment HT parameters
  • good machinability
  • cold forging ability for high-volume applications of steel types with carbon content below 0,5%

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