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Group Purchasing

Group Purchasing

Farinia Group is an established organization with proven purchasing management skills.

We cooperate with other manufacturing companies operating in the same industry by providing a partnership program to leverage the purchasing power of the so established group. Former purchasing departments merge their competencies to deliver unified services to all partners. This is a proven beneficial practice, that delivers best results due to the collective buying power of all members.

The implementation of a genuine training plan for our teams ensures follow-ups on all legal aspects and best negotiation skills. Due to these improvements we integrate the internal strategy of the purchasing pool in projects contributing to the action of the salesmen. This is essential for the development of the group, since it brings a lot of new international suppliers.

Farinia is ready to share its strong market expertise and excellent purchasing management skills with customers and with any company that follows our vision: component manufacturers should not compete on their purchases but rather focus on their core competitive advantage - the top-class manufacturing process.


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