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Machining and Assembly

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Farinia Group is one of the European leaders in material transformation. We supply a wide range of industries (automotive, off-highway, aerospace…) with high-quality, most of the time fully finished components (machining, painting) manufactured with hot, cold and warm forging (Setforge), casting (FMGC) and additive manufacturing (Spartacus 3D).

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FMGC Machining Center                                                               Setforge Machining Center



Thanks to the acquisition of Peugeot Japy Technologies Farinia can increase the value proposition with fully machined parts and also modules. The company has a vast range of CNC machines and assembly lines. This acquisition will increase Farinia machining expertise by representing more than 100 M€ of machining revenue (Peugeot Japy Technologies and internal machining).


PJT_Machining_of_components_for_Gearbox_Shifting_Modules.png     PJT_Powertrain_PJT_Manufacturing_Line_for_Gearbox_Shafts.png

Peugeot Japy Machining for Gearbox Shifting Modules          Peugeot Japy Powertrain Manufacturing Line


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