Gray Cast Iron Ballast is The Most Efficient Ballast Solution

FMGC assigned IN VIVO ENVIRONMENT to conduct a research

FMGC (Farinia Group) assigned INNOSEA, specialized in marine energy engineering to conduct a study on how gray cast iron ballast can significantly reduce the weight of gravity foundations for tidal turbines.

Especially in agressive marine environment with strong waves and currents, gray cast iron provides the turbine with a sturdy hold, eliminates the danger for tipping over and restricts the foundation’s movements.

The study results show :

  • During the operational phase, concrete ballast doesn’t ensure the stability of the tidal turbine because of its low density. The hydrodynamic forces appear as the most important factor. Only cast iron offers a viable solution in aggressive marine environment.
  • During the installation phase concrete or cast iron ballasts are used to stabilize the structure. The needed amount of concrete is 1980 tonnes and of cast iron – only 300 tonnes. […].In this case, gray cast iron ballast also appears as a better solution. 


In the coming months FMGC will be able to calculate the needed weight of cast iron ballast for any tidal turbine.

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