Impact of Gray Cast Iron on the Marine Environment

What is the Impact of Gray Cast Iron on the Marine Environment ? 

To analyze the exact impact of gray cast iron on the marine environment FMGC assigned IN VIVO ENVIRONMENT (Marine Environment and Oceanographic Consultancy Services) to conduct a research.  The consultancy company, specialised in marine, coastal and aquatic environments studied the behaviour of cast iron ballast in tidal turbine foundations. The study encompasses the following topics :

  • Corrosion of iron in the marine environment
  • Biofouling – colonization of marine species
  • Ecotoxicity of cast iron

The findings of the study have shown :

  • Corrosion varies according to the site between 0,5 and 1 mm
  • The colonization of marine species is facilitated
  • The exotoxicity of the cast iron shows that there is no relevant risk


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