FMGC Introduces Wellbeing at the Foundry

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Employees Are Company’s Most Precious Asset


After the devastating 2008/2009 due to the world’s financial crisis, FMGC has been continuously stabilizing its position at the metalworking market. The foundry has become the European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights and since one year is benefiting of its continuous growth.

FMGC has recently purchased a 2000 m2 additional terrain to develop further company’s activities. For now there are 340 employees working on a permanent contract and 94 on a temporary one.  In the coming days the management team is going to hire twenty new employees.

However, the company is struggling to attract professionals with key qualifications as industrial painters, electromechanical engineers and maintenance technicians. Gerard Thuet, the CEO of FMGC is convinced that the main reasons are the location of the foundry in the small Châteaubriant and also the fact that professionals who have a choice wouldn’t necessarily decide to work at a foundry. Therefore the management is convinced that money is not enough to win the qualified workforce. The company is trying to follow the business model of modern start-ups and is establishing a wellbeing program including fitness trainings, relaxation classes and fruit distribution every two weeks.

“Once young professionals have entered into the company and dared to break the stereotypes of working at a foundry, they tend to stay with us. Especially because they finally feel proud of doing this job.”, says Gerard Thuet.


*the full article was published in Ouest France on March 26, 2018



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