FMGC Testimonial: ENEDIS & Kerlann Marine

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Christophe, a Diver from Kerlann Marine: “The Implementation of the FMGC Shells was Fast and Simple, The Weight – Precise.”

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Enedis manages 95 % of the electricity distribution grid in France. Ensuring the access to electricity of most of the French households and business, the company plays a crucial role.

Many of the electrical connections that ENEDIS is responsible for are submerged at sea. In these circumstances submarine cable protection is of critical importance. Knowing and appreciating the benefits of the FMGC protecting and ballasting shells, ENEDIS has been partnering with FMGC on many projects (Ile de Ré, Guadeloupe ...).

In the framework of one of these projects, off the island of Houat (Morbihan) the shells of FMGC were installed by Kerlann Marine, another trusted partner of FMGC.

Christophe, a diver working for Kerlann Marine has shared his experience about the installation of the FMGC protecting and ballasting shells:

"After having used some models of shells with different designs, the FMGC protecting and ballasting shells used for the Houat 1 site were very well studied, the implementation was quick and simple, the weight – precise for the displacement at the bottom. The widths of the shells have been well studied for curves. "

FMGC is always delighted to contribute to the maintenance and reliability of island power grids. Always listening to its customers and their feedback, the team of FMGC designs and develops solutions ensuring the best technical and economic report. All cable protection and stabilization solutions can be adapted in terms of diameters and weights per meters.


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