FMGC With Special COVID-19 Measures

Monday, March 30, 2020

The Foundry Has Closed for 2 Weeks to Reinforce the Barrier Measures Already in Place to Protect Its Employees


FMGC has been closed for a week. The foundry is expected to open its doors again on April, 6. During the closure a dedicated operational team is reviewing the entire internal organization in order to permanently maintain the necessary distance between its employees. The minimum distance of one meter between two people should be respected and will be defined for the entire factory, including production workshops but also social premises such as common areas in front of vending machines and smoking areas. Areas related to services with oustide people will be redesigned as well.

All these measures will allow the factory to guarantee employees’ safety, continue supplying its customers and supporting the activity of its suppliers.

Marie Dufour, a member of the executive board has shared for L’agence API :

"We took precautionary measures from the start of the crisis. But the anxiety-provoking atmosphere last week encouraged us to stop the workshops, the time to strengthen the system. The size of the site will allow us to make additional arrangements for more security. “

David Trouillot, the managing director of FMGC has notified all foundry’s followers on LinkedIn:

“The health of our employees without compromise! This suspension of production was absolutely necessary to put in place the necessary measures to protect our staff and also allow complete disinfection of the common areas. In addition, thanks to this suspension, we were able to provide masks for those who need it (Ehpad, hospitals and health staff) ... I take this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to our healthcare staff who fight every day to save lives, and to say to others who do not have an essential activity: STAY AT HOME”.


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