Mobility Work and Spartacus3D at Las Vegas CES 2016

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Mobility Work and Spartacus3D will be represented by Frédéric Guinot and Marc-Antoine Talva at Las Vegas CES 2016.

CES 2016 The International Consumer Electronics Show

The International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It is held in Las Vegas every year, and has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for more than 40 years—the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

CES showcases more than 3,600 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems, 3D Printing and more; a conference program with more than 200 conference sessions and more than 150K attendees from 150 countries.

What better place could we dream of in order to present our French startups Spartacus3D and Mobility-Work ?

Mobilty Work logo        


Frédéric Guinot, Farinia group’s CEO and Marc-Antoine Talva, founder of Mobility-Work will be present at the show on January 6th and 7th 2016 to introduce Sparatcus3D and Mobility-Work as 2 FrenchTech new startups, sponsored by Farinia Group.

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FMGC at EWEA 2015

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Visitors and Data Assessment

At EWEA 2015 FMGC has strengthened its position of a reliable and innovative partner for diverse MRE solutions. Among important MRE companies, many Oil & Gas key players have shown as well lively interest in FMGC ballasting products and submarine cables protection shells.

The EWEA 2015, Europe's premier wind energy event, took place from 17-20 November at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles.

FMGC at EWEA 2015


Dowloand the Infographic FMGC at EWEA 2015

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The 1st Equipment Maintenance Social Network

Friday, December 4, 2015



Safir, the IT division of Farinia Group, has recently launched the first equipment maintenance social network. Mobility-work.com is a user-friendly maintenance software, available in desktop and mobile version, enabling you to connect to 11,884 machines and 17,019 tasks.

Discover more about the first Equipment Maintenance Social Network

Mobility Works main objective is to ease the process of managing maintenance and help technicians and engineers save efforts and time. It is a simple, fast and user-friendly software which doesn’t require much training. Through the mobile application, you will access the maintenance social network anytime and anywhere, easily register all your equipment data and start managing your maintenance team's work right away.

Join mobility-work.com

Equipment Maintenance Social Network  Equipment Maintenance Social Network


How Does It Work?

1.    Build your network! You can connect to your colleagues and add your equipment.

2.    You may duplicate your equipment if someone from your community has already registered it.

3.    You can schedule your tasks and manage your maintenance team

4.  You will be able to compare the different machines in the community as well as the maintenance/repair tasks that they have been submitted to.


Why Is Mobility Work Different From Other Equipment Maintenance Software?

Mobility-work.com has a social network interface and allows all users to communicate in real-time on maintenance-related topics.

The use of the product is not restricted to one plant. Mobility work can be used to manage the entire equipment’s maintenance process in one facility. But it also offers the possibility to log in a global community, where maintenance technicians can exchange expertise, compare maintenance protocols, borrow a spare part or simply gauge the technical characteristics of a certain machine.

You can easily scan the NFC chip on the machine with your smartphone and get all information related to this piece of equipment (e.g. all performed tasks, documents, scheduled works, spare parts…)

Finally, Mobility Work guarantees account and registration security for all users.

Our Terms and Conditions apply to every single piece of content published in the community. 


Spartacus3D at Formnext 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

November 17th - 20th: Spartacus3D in Germany to showcase metal AM!

Spartacus3D at formnext 2015

Formnext manufacturing show will take place at the international exhibition center in Frankfurt. 

Every year, the show offers an innovative exhibition platform to professionals of additive manufacturing technologies, tool and form-making. The show will also provide a showcasing platform for numerous exhibitors from sectors such as materials, mechanical engineering, measuring technology, prototype construction, further processing, and accessories.

You will discover how the latest developments in additive technologies interact with conventional ones to improve your methods of production, speed up your time-to-market and generate a competitive advantage.

During the event, Spartacus3D's team will showcase the latest creations in metal additive manufacturing and advances made by the company in 2015.


We are looking forward to discussing with you directly at our booth 3.1 G41.

Follow Spartacus3D on Twitter to see our live tweets from the show, as well as #formnext15, the official hashtag for the formnext 2015 international exhibition and conference on additive manufacturing.

Manitou and FMGC Strengthen Their Relationship

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Signature of a Three-Year Contract

After three years of intense collaboration, Manitou and FMGC have recently strengthened their relationship with the signature of another three-year contract.

Manitou and FMGC Sign a Three-Year Contract

Laurent Gaubinet, Manitou's VP Sourcing and Gérard Thuet, FMGC's General Director 


It will positively benefit both companies in terms of industrial an economic spillovers. Through this contact, FMGC commits to carry on delivering high quality products and services.

The geographical proximity of the two companies is a strategic advantage leading to more flexibility. Manitou will then be able to better address its customers needs and maximise its sales, which is necessary on such a volatile market. 

Based on mutual trust, this close collaboration allows the two companies to cooperate on innovative and technical developments that will be profitable for Manitou and its customers.


Download the full article published on November 14, 2015 in ouestfrance-entreprises.fr

Setforge at the CTI Symposium in Berlin

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Meet Us at Stand D14 on 8-9 December

The 14th International CTI Symposium will take place in Berlin from December 7-10. The Car Training Institute (CTI) will again deliver its annual updates and insights on the latest development in the field of automotive transmissions, HEV (hybrid electric vehicles) and EV (electric vehicles) drives. As keynote speakers this year are invited representatives from leading automotive companies as Audi, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Stand D14, Setforge (Farinia Group) will exhibit warm, hot and cold forged gears, primary shafts, gearbox shafts, pinions and sleeves, that can be produced in large, medium or small series.


Setforge Near Net and Setforge Hot Formers Forged Components


The company’s unique offer will be presented by our experienced commercial team, who will especially promote Setforge Hot Formers’ components, manufactured on high-quality horizontal presses. Due to dimensions’ limitation of their horizontal presses, most other forging companies have to use vertical presses to manufacture similar components.  

Moreover, Setforge team will share with you special insights on the friction welding technology used at Setforge Near Net and the company’s new solution for dual-clutch transmissions.

Forging subsidiary of Farinia Group, Setforge is a long-standing supplier of the automotive industry for premium transmission components. Our expertise, spanning across all the existing forging techniques, along with our state-of-art equipment, allows us to offer manufacturing of all your components in all possible volumes. 

Spartacus3D & CTIF Launch a Metal AM Training

Monday, October 19, 2015

A first in France: Launch of advanced training in additive manufacturing combining technical expertise and industrial know-how from CTIF and Spartacus3D

Following the signature of a strategic partnership last April, CTIF and Spartacus3D announce the launch of an innovative training course in the field of metal additive manufacturing by powder-bed laser fusion.

This initiative demonstrates the partners’ desire to establish a reference baseline that will provide robust solutions to satisfy manufacturers’ expectations. Based on the consideration that existing training in the field mostly focuses on familiarization with the technology and the use of the digital systems that implement it, CTIF and Spartacus3D have decided to address a strong industrial need by promoting a deeper understanding of the technology and its potential. They are therefore creating a training module that emphasizes both the technical expertise ensuring best product performance and the industrial know-how required to achieve a profitable technical-economic trade-off.

The module, entitled "Process & metallurgy for production-grade additive manufacturing", will be deployed in 2016 by the Association de Formation Forge Fonderie (A3F). The training will take place at La Clayette (71), in Spartacus3D’s premises. For the first time in France, the joint team plans to dispense training that will combine Spartacus3D's know-how in metal additive manufacturing and CTIF's in-depth metallurgical expertise.

Open to technicians and engineers from design and engineering departments, and to people in purchasing, quality, and manufacturing, the program aims to confer a detailed understanding of how metal additive manufacturing must be implemented to yield products with high technical-economic performance. This will help manufacturers fully leverage this innovative technology, from the design to the production of mechanical parts.

The training will be given in French and the its detailed program is available here.


About Spartacus3D and Farinia Group: :

Farinia Group is an industrial group specialized in material transformation and the production of high quality components using several different techniques. For nearly 15 years, the group has been delivering innovative components to a wide range of customers from various industries: automotive, aerospace, agriculture, energy, defense, oil and gas, public works, and material handling equipment.

Farinia Group’s core business comprises three major activities: forging (Setforge), casting (FMGC), and machining. Setforge, the French leader in forging, is made up of nine companies in France and a joint venture in India. FMGC is the European number 1 in gray cast iron counterweight production.

Farinia Group has instigated a policy of investing in and developing startups, among them Spartacus3D, which was endowed with significant financial and human resources in additive manufacturing and finishing. Spartacus3D aims to develop a complete and controlled value chain for additive manufacturing. The company is located in La Clayette (71), in one of Setforge’s plants, and is already producing metal parts for various industries.


About CTIF :

CTIF is a French technical & research center that has been a leading actor in casting, materials and metal products in France for 69 years. Through activities such as operational consulting, laboratory testing, prototyping and training, CTIF pushes innovation forward and supports manufacturers’ projects that aim to improve competitiveness and industrial development in France or abroad.

CTIF is located in Sèvres (92) and Lyon (69). With 6000m² of laboratories, a computing center, a foundry and testing platforms, CTIF carries out projects and energizes the value chain of its customers and industrial partners (ranging from R&D through purchasing and quality to production).


Press contact Spartacus3D

Morgane Guinot



Press contact CTIF

Nathalie Dunoir

04 91 19 16 16



FMGC Exhibits at EWEA 2015, Stand K02-32

Monday, October 19, 2015

17-20 November at Paris Expo, Windustry Pavilion

The EWEA (The European Wind Energy Association) Annual Event will take place from 17-20 November at Paris Expo – Porte de Versailles in Paris. Europe’s premier wind energy event comprises sessions, exhibition and networking events, providing great opportunities to check out new solutions and build valuable partnerships.

With its comprehensive program, combining the cutting-edge technological knowledge of all important decision-makers and the continuously increasing number of new players in the sector, EWEA is just another proof that Europe is undoubtedly the home of wind energy. This year the event takes place just two weeks before the UN climate summit and is thus the best place to convince policy-makers in the strength of the European wind industry.

As a trusted partner of the MRE sector, FMGC will exhibit the company’s diverse economic and optimized solutions for offshore wind turbine technologies. Meet us at stand K02-32.

Our experienced team of engineers and sales managers will be delighted to answer all your questions, concerning:

  • Ballast for gravity-based structures on fixed offshore wind power;
  • Ballast for mooring system on floating offshore wind power (clump weights and gravity anchors);
  • Solutions to protect and ballast submarine cables for marine renewable energy (shells, weighting saddles).


FMGC provides various innovative solutions for the following MRE  technologies:


Fixed Offshore Wind Turbines    Floating Offshore Wind Turbines



    Mooring Lines                          Clump Weights                          Submarine Cable Protection


Offshore wind power is likely to become the next most significant source of affordable renewable energy, since the wind is far more consistent and stronger compared to onshore installations. However, the strong interaction with wind and wave forces raises a number of technical challenges. One of the most important is how to hold firmly in place the floating wind turbines. Highly-reliable and cost-effective mooring systems and foundations are of critical importance for the life-cycle cost of the entire installation.

FMGC supplies the offshore wind industry with high-quality solutions, manufactured from cast iron for increased density and minimized mass required to stabilize the anchor or the foundation.

Read more on FMGC solutions for offshore fixed and floating wind turbine technologies



Tidal Today – ITES 2015

23-25th November 2015, London, United-Kingdom

Meet Benoit Leroux, FMGC Market researcher, who will visit Tidal Today.

Spartacus3D Will Attend The CTIF Event

Spartacus3D will unveil its latest developments in serial-grade additive manufacturing

On November 3rd, an "Additive manufacturing and metallurgy" event will be organized by CTIF with the support of the Fédération Forge Fonderie, it will take place in the Chaville Atrium (Hauts-de-Seine).

Spartacus3D, subsidiary of FARINIA GROUP specialized in metal additive manufacturing, is partnering the event and its General Manager, Charles de Forges, will deliver a speech about additive manufacturing applications in serial production. On this occasion, the startup will unveil its latest developments in this perspective.

This event will provide an opportunity to review the latest technological developments and evaluate the importance of the metallurgy in additive manufacturing. Practical examples of additive manufactured parts will also be presented.

The detailed program of the event is now available here in French language. We now encourage you to save the date of November 3th, 2015.

It is recommended to register for the event as soon as possible. Registration is free but number of places is limited.

Spartacus3D From Within: Florent Moreira

Spartacus3D team members: First episode of a series of interviews

Spartacus3D presents its team members. This interview is the first one and gives voice to Florent Moreira (FM), while questions are asked by Charles de Forges (CdF).



CdF: Can you start briefly by introducing yourself and explaining what you did before you joined Spartacus3D?

FM: Hi, I am Florent Moreira, graduated from the University of Saint-Etienne in 2012. I have a mechanical engineering background, during which I have been specializing in "Design and Simulation". Before joining Spartacus3D, I was a project manager at Gruau Le Mans, which is the European leader in the transformation of vehicles. I was responsible for the sector of "horse van" and other specific projects.

CdF: Now, can you tell us how you joined Spartacus3D and why did you chose this company?

FM: I joined Spartacus3D in August 2014. After my experience at Gruau Le Mans, I was looking for a new professional project in a promising and innovative field. That’s why I was attracted by additive manufacturing.

CdF: It was quite a risky bet to join a startup which had just been created. What convinced you and made you confident to take part in this project?

FM: Well, it must be considered that Spartacus3D's majority shareholder is the Farinia group, a company specialized in forging and foundry, therefore a group of metallurgy experts. I thought that they had the necessary resources to back us up. Also, Farinia Group's investment capacity seemed in line with Spartacus3D's long-term strategy, which is to provide an industrial additive manufacturing solution qualified for serial-grade production.

CdF: You have been working at Spartacus3D for a little bit more than a year now. What are you doing exactly? What are your role and your responsibilities?

FM: At Spartacus3D, I am a project manager in charge of our customers from the medical and automotive sectors. It's a job that requires an extended set of skills. There is a commercial aspect at the early quoting stage, engineering through the mechanical design of parts, the additive manufacturing process itself and the management of subcontractor and quality.

CdF: And more precisely, you are responsible for what?

FM: As project manager, my responsibility is to guarantee our customers a smooth and easy progress of their project.

CdF: Smooth execution, in terms of both quality and deadlines?

FM: Exactly!

CdF: In a few words, can you explain what pleases you the most in working at Spartacus3D?

FM: What I like the most, are the responsibility through the projects. We have a lot of autonomy and we must constantly be proactive. Also, being a startup with a relatively young team is pleasant because it creates an environment in which we are constantly challenging and motivating each other.

CdF: That sounds quite exciting. Last question, since you started working at Spartacus3D, is there any specific achievement that makes you particularly proud?

FM: Yes, in August 2014, when I joined Spartacus3D, I had no experience in additive manufacturing and by September of the same year, I was already manufacturing a component in our machine. I'm am proud to have developed the required skills in just a few weeks.

CdF: Thank you Florent for answering our questions and best luck for you at Spartacus3D

FM: Thank you.