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Nous cherchons en permanence à travers cette démarche à contribuer à améliorer le fonctionnement de notre organisation  et certains nombre de process dans une perspective d’amélioration de la performance globale et aussi économique de notre société.

Farinia Group is a manufacturing organization, dedicated to material transformation, using state-of-the art equipment, know-how and technical expertise.

We believe in...

  • An extended and efficient partnership network with a global footprint;
  • An effective management team and a high level of expertise. Quality management, change and innovation are key know-how;
  • An investment philosophy focused on value creation thanks to organic or external growth;
  • A staff motivation
  • An efficient solving of environmental issues

Farinia Group performance is built on two keystones: innovation and finance. This double vision allow us to perceive opportunities where others see only risks.

Farinia Group employs more than 1200 people in 11 plants in France, mastering 4 technologies: forge, casting, machining and additive manufacturing.

A manufacturing group with a unique know-how


Farinia is primarily dedicated to anticipating its customers requirements. Relationships between us and our customers and suppliers are based on mutual trust. Excellence and continuous improvement are the everyday goal of our profit center managers and their teams.


The last 20+ years of practice are deeply ingrained in Farinia Group expertise. However, our main competitive advantage goal pursues the company´s continuous improvement and digitalization.


Although each profit center is independent, the Group actively encourages sharing.


Farinia Group is decentralized. However, some resources have been pooled for efficiency: purchasing, IT, some support activities when appropriate .

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Excellence Management

A Documented Process Mapping

Farinia Group has developed a data base with 29 macro-processes. These include most of the proven best practices. The goal is value creation for the customer . The management use extensively the documented KPIs.

Kaizen-Lean six Sigma

The management is chasing any kind of waste ...


Men and women are at the center of the organization. Each member of the staff is empowered to deliver what has been decided. Understanting the goals and participation are the best tools of motivation.

Education is very important within Farinia Group.

Shareholders Performance

Ambitious targets

Ambitious Targets

The long-time commitment of shareholders such as Evialia France, Verdoso, BPI and FAA, is the best testimony of the performance Farinia Group delivers.

Courage and Long-Term Goals

Farinia level of expertise in the manufacturing world where it invests allows bold and counter timing investments.


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