IT Services

IT Services

Safir is a subsidiary of Farinia Group, specialized in IT and process consulting for manufacturing companies. Our expertise includes enterprise resource planing (ERP) implementations, web development and maintenance and content management.

Thanks to our keen understanding of this specific industry, we build a bridge between the industrial knowledge of the manufacturer and the technical skills of the IT developer. Our team has already successfully optimized the basic internal business processes of more than 10 companies through SAP.

In order to facilitate a perfect information flow between all business functions inside the organization, Safir helps manufacturers to improve and define in a best way their internal processes. Once all internal functions have been characterized,  our team develop and implement the most suitable enterprise resource planning system. Additionally we optimize the web presence of the company by establishing a competitive website that supports company's key business values.

Safir works closely with the customer to provide maximized internal work-flow and best process management.


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