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As a company with vision, driven by innovation, perfection and precision, Farinia Group highly respects and appreciates the potential of additive manufacturing.

Spartacus3D, our recently established additive manufacturing division, combines a strong engineering expertise with the right manufacturing resources, to provide flexible solutions.

We manufacture optimized and complicated aerospace and automotive shapes with high-quality metal powder through selective laser melting.

Additive manufacturing builds objects by solidifying fine metallic powders together through different technologies. Direct Metal Laser Sintering, also called Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for instance is based on powder bed fusion 3D printing technique, where thermal energy is applied on selective regions of powder bed to bind the material.

Additive Manufacturing results in components with perfect surface finish, most accurate size, complex shape and highly reliable performance.


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Spartacus3D and it's partner CTIF, are also involved in the training of professionals engineers to metal additive manufacturing. The training is entitled "Process & Metallurgy for serial production by metal additive manufacturing"

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