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Farinia Group is an established organization with proven purchasing management skills.

Farinia: A Solid Purchasing Process

We cooperate with other companies in the manufacturing world operating in the same sector by offering a partnership program to increase the purchasing power of the group thus formed. The former purchasing departments are merging their skills to offer unified services to all partners. This practice has been proven to be beneficial as it provides better results through the collective buying power of all members.

The implementation of a real training plan for our teams guarantees follow-up for all legal aspects and excellent negotiation skills. Thanks to these improvements, we are integrating the internal strategy of the central purchasing body into projects that support the work carried out by salespeople. This is an essential step for the group's development because it allows us to reach a large number of new international suppliers.

Our Strengths

Farinia Group is ready to share its strong market expertise and excellent purchasing management skills with its customers and any company that shares its vision: Component manufacturers should not be competing on their purchases but rather focus on the heart of their competitive advantage: an excellent manufacturing processes.

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