Farinia Group is a well-established name in the engineering industry that stays for perfect performance, high-quality and reliable solutions. We provide a wide range of components for variety of industries.

Off-highway vehicles are massive machines with heavy-duty design assigned to execute lifting, lowering, excavating or transportation operations. The fast changing regulations on emissions, noise restrictions and above all safety demand proven and reliable solutions. The rising industrial activities expect perfect and efficient performance. Farinia Group provides the best component's manufacturing process and raw material selection that will meet the demand of every single vehicle.

Our range includes diverse components for chassis, cylinders, tracks, transmission and many others.


Are you operating in this industry?

Farinia Group knows what matters most in your industry, for you and your customers. We are fully committed to your success!

We are a leader in metal transformation and experts in:

  • Forging
  • Casting
  • Machining / Finishing
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing


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