Process Engineering

Process Engineering

Farinia Group has 15 years of experience as an industrial group with organic growth and acquisition of several material transformation companies. Thanks to its sound knowledge of the value chain in which it operates, the Farinia Group team enables companies to build a competitive advantage in order to make them grow as market leaders.

Our experienced team sustains development plans through optimization of the production and the support functions. We share our business expertise with both internal companies from the group and external customers.

Our process engineering expertise helps companies to optimize their manufacturing cycle by selecting and sustaining the most optimal fabrication process and tooling. We support manufacturers, who would like to produce a specific component, but are specialized in the manufacturing of other parts with other technology and therefore miss the skill to design the world-class manufacturing process. Farinia Group supports them during the design and implementation phase of the project.

Thanks to its excellent management and know-how, Farinia team helps companies to improve and succeed through technical innovation and process optimization.


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