Product Engineering

Farinia Group has an efficient management team with proven processes and profound knowledge in manufacturing. We help companies to improve the quality and efficiency of their processes and products in order to achieve best investment return.

Product engineering is a crucial moment in the development and fabrication of every configuration. Each single component should be precisely designed and manufactured in order to be able to perform in the best way at its assigned position in the entire system.

Our team works closely with the R&D division of every company in order to provide the most cost effective solution. We industrialize the products by improving them for an optimal manufacturing process. Our redesign prevents material loss and ensures most reliable mechanical properties. Thanks to its excellent expertise in forging, casting, machining and additive manufacturing, Farinia group always delivers best possible solutions based on the technical symbioses of these manufacturing processes and a variety of techniques.

Farinia Group is a an industrial group with a specific know-how, who is dedicated to provide top quality services in co-design, technical innovation and R&D on products and processes.


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