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A European leader developping and supplying a wide range of cast iron counterweights and ballast solutions.

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in the heart of the foundry

The history of the FMGC goes back to 1929 and if it continues today, it is because the company has never stopped developing to be attentive to its customers.

FMGC is the European leader in the production of cast iron counterweights with many customers and has been diversifying into the marine renewable energy market for several years. The deployment of our capacity for innovation and diversification is based on quality and safety.

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Business activities

The off-highway market is closely linked to the development of each country and its growth is strongly correlated with the growth of the GDP.
Material Handling
FMGC is the European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights for material handling vehicles.
Marine Renewable Energy
The fast development of the marine renewable industry, in particular of offshore wind, fixed and floating installations are expected to fuel the offshore market.
Today, agriculture is a sector with a continuously growing importance due to the massive increase in food demand.
Sailing Boats
Sailing boats have known an important evolution over the last 50 years, becoming a sector driven by excellence, performance and refinement.
Oil & Gas
Despite the challenges that the oil and gas industry has encountered during the last 10 years, the sector remains of critical importance for the world energy mix.

FMGC wins national stimulus package

Within the framework of this financing, FMGC, on July 13th, welcomed the Prefect, the Sub-Prefect for the Relance, the Sub-Prefect and the Mayors of Soudan and Châteaubriant and the President of the Community of Communes Châteaubriant/Derval.

On this occasion, FMGC was awarded a France Relance trophy.

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Lauréat France relance


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