Farinia Group supplies many industries with high-quality components. We design and manufacture a wide range of parts tailored to meet the individual needs of every customer.

Trucks play an essential role in the transportation industry. They support the entire economy and above all significantly optimize the supply chain networks. Due to demographic and environmental influences, the industry is in constant search for innovative solutions and better emissions performance. As a trusted partner Farinia supplies the entire sector with reliable parts, ready to contribute to the optimization of configurations and systems.

We work in close collaboration with the main trucks manufacturers and their subcontractors. Our steel or aluminum forged parts are found in the assembly of chassis, transmissions, axles and gearboxes. Farinia expertise also includes many other components.


Are you operating in this industry?

Farinia Group knows what matters most in your industry, for you and your customers. We are fully committed to your success!

We are a leader in metal transformation and experts in:

  • Forging
  • Casting
  • Machining / Finishing
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing


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