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Who are we?

An industrial group, specializing in the transformation of materials with the most efficient manufacturing means, unique know-how and technical skills.

Farinia, An Innovative Industrial Group

Farinia is an industrial group specializing in the transformation of materials with the most efficient manufacturing means, unique know-how and technical skills. Training represents a significant investment for the group.

We have a unique network of partners in a large number of countries.

We are fortunate to have a successful management team, and a high level group of experts. Quality control, change management and innovation are at the heart of our proven know-how.

We are proud to have a sophisticated investor approach that has demonstrated constant value creation through both organic developments and a dynamic external growth policy.

Two major concerns: employee motivation and preservation of the environment and natural resources.

The essence of Farinia Group's performance is based on innovation and a controlled financial approach.
A double vision that allows the group to constantly identify opportunities where others see only difficulties.

Farinia in figures is:

An industrialist with unique know-how

Customer Experience

The company devotes a great deal of its energy to anticipating customer needs. Realtionships with our large base of customers and suppliers are above all based on mutual trust. Excellence and continuous improvement are consistently pursued by each of our profit center directors.

The Competitive Advantage

The search for a permanent competitive advantage is "boosted" by innovation and in particular digitization.

Technical Know-How at the Service of Each Subsidiary

Each subsidiary is an independent profit center, but Farinia Group management team coordinates a wide sharing of best practices across the board.

Pool Certain Resources

Although very decentralized, Farinia Group seeks economies of scale by pooling purchasing, IT and certain support services.

A Management of excellence

A Set of Documented Processes Based on the Group's Best Practices

Farinia Group has a map of 29 macro-processes, which constitute the guide to good practices. The goal is to create value for the customer. Management is done through indicators.

A Kaizen-Lean Six Sigma Approach

In the field, management seeks the permanent elimination of waste.

People Are the Engines of Value Creation

Men are at the center of the organization. Farinia seeks to empower employees, giving them the opportunity to do what they see fit to achieve the results that have been set together. It is through participation and ownership that Farinia Group makes its employees adhere to its vision.

Continuous education is the main driver.

Strategic Seminars

Farinia Group regularly organizes strategic seminars at the prestigious IMD management school in Lausanne. Our managers are invited to work in a reflection committee on the strategic issues of their market and to determine the action plans that will be included in the business plans.

An investor in search of performance

Ambitious Profitability Targets

The commitment of our financial investors, Evialia FRANCE, Verdoso, the BPI and the FAA, shows that Farinia also understands and meets the expectations of financial investors.

The Courage to Invest to Carry Out a Medium-Term Strategy

In-depth knowledge of the business (s) allows wise and often counter-current investments.

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