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FARINIA’s website (, “The Website”, is edited and owned by FARINIA, a joint-stock company organized and operating under the laws of France, having a share capital of 11 005 408 euros, with its registered offices located 44 rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris and registered at the Paris Commercial Registry under registration number 820 234 599, intra-Community VAT number FR 49 820 234 599 de FARINIA.


Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 83 82 40


Person in charge of publication: Frédéric GUINOT, legal representative, President and CEO.

Communication Director: Ralitsa Peycheva


717 California Street
SAN Francisco, CA


1. Collection of certain Personal Data

FARINIA complies with all applicable regulations relating to Personal Data protection, and in particular all provisions defined in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (the « General Data Protection Regulation » or « GDPR »).

User acknowledges and agrees that FARINIA treats certain of its personal data (“Personal Data”) as per the General Data Protection Regulation in order to ensure to proper functioning of the Website.

2. Data origin and purpose of Personal Data collection

The Personal Data is collected directly and exclusively from the Users.

FARINIA undertakes to obtain the express consent of the User and to permit him or her to oppose to the Use of its Personal Data for any other purpose as soon as required.

In any case, Users are informed of the purpose of the use of the Personal Data through all online forms and through Users’ actions on the Website. FARINIA also uses cookies and log files.

Users’ Personal Data is collected via forms, including :

  • Registration to the newsletter Form, Contact Form, Download Form, Press Form
  • Form to apply to a job offer

FARINIA uses the information so collected for the following purposes :

  • Order follow up ;
  • Information / commercial offers ;
  • Statistics ;
  • Contact ;
  • Website management (presentation, organization).
  • Comments ;
  • Correspondence ;
  • Human Resources Management

3. Type of Personal Data collected

The data manager is FARINIA who is the sole recipient of the concerned Personal Data. FARINIA is represented by its CEO, Mr. Frédéric GUINOT.

All information and data required from Users via the forms accessible on the Website are destined to the data manager. Information and data identified with an asterisk are mandatory.

In case of failure to provide such, the request shall not be completed.

FARINIA may process all or part of the following Personal Data: last name, first name, email address.

4. Non-communication of Personal Data

FARINIA is committed not to commercialize collected Personal Data.

User’s Personal Data may be processed by FARINIA’s affiliate companies and subcontractors, in compliance with the principles herein, in the following cases:

  • Consumer profile
  • Service execution
  • Commercials

The list of such companies may be provided to User by FARINIA at the following email: (website section: If such third-party companies are based outside of the territory of the EU, FARINIA signs specific agreements and clauses to protect and secure the transfer and such Personal Data to said third-party companies.

5. Duration of Personal Data conservation

FARINIA shall conserve Users’ Personal Data for the strict duration required in light of the pursued objectives, in compliance with all applicable regulations.

6. Users’ Rights

In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, the User expressly acknowledges disposing of the following rights:

  • Right to access, and notably the right to obtain copy of all its Personal Data, as well as all essential information regarding the way such Personal Data is used
  • Right to rectify Personal Data, in prompt delays, and the right to have completed all incomplete, incorrect, ambiguous or obsolete information
  • Right to delete all Personal Data, in so far as their use is no longer necessary, or that the User has withdrawn his or her consent or opposed to their use; or as soon as their collection use, communication or conservation is prohibited
  • Right of limitation of their processing
  • Right of Personal Data portability

In the event the User wishes to know how FARINIA uses her or her Personal Data, to have them rectified, to oppose to their processing, request their suppression, or request copy of all Personal Data that is in FARINIA’s possession, the User must address his or her request to FARINIA, to which must be attached a valid and signed copy of his or her identity documents, at the following address: FARINIA, 44 rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris, France, or by email, at: (website section:

Finally, Users may also make any inquiry or request before the control authorities, and in particular before the CNIL (

7. Security

FARINIA takes all useful precautions in light of the nature of the Personal Data and the risks presented by their processing, and in order to preserve the security of the User’s Personal Data, and in particular ensure that such be not modified or damaged or corrupted or that they be accessible by third parties.

FARINIA, takes all technical and organisational measures in order to ensure security of processing of the Personal Data and their confidentiality. People working for FARINIA respect the confidentiality of Users’ Personal Data.

In order to ensure the safety of Users’ Personal Data, FARINIA has put in place the following measures:

  • Intrusion Notification Protocol
  • User name / password.

8. Cookies

FARINIA collects certain information via log files and cookies, mainly :

  • IP address
  • Visited pages and requests
  • Connexion date and time

Using such cookies allows the following optimizations

  • Service improvement and customized home
  • Consumer customized profile
  • Transaction tracking
  • Statistics.


By accessing and navigating on the Website, the User consents to the implementation and use of cookies on its terminal, and acknowledges being informed of the provided information relating to the use of cookies, and of the ways to oppose to their use.

9. Personal Data and minors

The Newsletter Registration is addressed to adults in capacity to contract obligations pursuant to the laws of their country.

Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation, the User who is a minor and whose age is below the age of 16 or not in capacity to contract obligations must obtain the prior consent of its legal representative prior to the entering of any personal on the Website. Unless legal confidentiality obligation, FARINIA shall directly inform such legal representative (i) of the type of Personal Data which is collected from said minor, and (ii) of the right to oppose to the collection, use or conservation of such Personal Data.

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, the age of 16 years old may be reduced down to the age of 13 years old under the law of the place of the habitual residence of the User.


For any enquiry or request relating to compliance by FARINIA of the present provisions, or if the User wishes to communicate any recommendations or comments to FARINIA, the User may contact FARINIA at the following address: FARINIA, 44 rue de Lisbonne, 75008 Paris, France or at the following email address: (website section:


Users are requested not to reproduce, summarize, modify, display or diffuse without proper approval from the person in charge of the publication any piece of text, title, script, Logo, brand, Information or picture, for a non personal usage. Are particularly forbidden any such usage in professional or mass diffusion cases.

Moreover, the user recognises not to reproduce, display or diffuse part or all of the Website on any support or under any form without proper approval from the person in charge of the publication.


The FARINIA company does its best to supply the users with the most true accurate and up to date information.

However, it could not guaranty truth and precision of content posted on the website. The FARINIA. Company could therefore not be held responsible for any direct or undirect damage to anyone and that would come from the information posted on the site and in general from the use of the website.

Moreover, FARINIA guaranties that the content posted ont the website do not infriges the copyright of others and that it holds all rights needed to the use of such content.


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