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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Peugeot Japy Technologies Manufactures Complex Common Rails

Machined Common Rail PJT.jpg

             PJT Common Rails for the Daimler/Mercedes Trucks


The machining and assembly division of Farinia Group - Peugeot Japy Technologies has once again proved its ambition to become a key supplier of leading automotive companies. PJT supplies diesel injection common rails to BOSCH (Jilhava site in the Czech Republic). These rails are going to be used for the Daimler / Mercedes trucks.

The manufacture of the common rails is a complex process, requiring 9 operations. The machining of the injection “pockets” is of critical importance and is carried out on 3 OKK (a leading name in the CNC machining tools) machines.

An Okk machine_0.jpg   machining tools for the common rail.jpg

An Okk Machine                                                                        Machining Tools


Since its acquisition by Farinia Group in 2017, Peugeot Japy Technologies, the machining and modules production plant has never ceased to develop and to prove its capability to provide automotive manufacturers with precisely machined components.


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