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PJT: Machining and Automation

An Interview with Frederic Bocquet and Alexandre Gauthier

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An Interview with Frederic Bocquet and Alexandre Gauthier

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Since its acquisition by Farinia Group, Peugeot Japy Technologies has never seized to develop, evolve and adopt latest machining trends. Automation is one of the most important objectives of the machining facility. Frederic Bocquet and Alexander Gauthier are the ones who manage this challenging transition. Here are their updates about the latest advances in machining at Peugeot Japy Technologies.

What are the main automation steps recently undertaken by PJT?

Alexandre Gauthier: Right now we have two active automation projects. Their main objectives are: to improve our productivity and to improve accuracy and repetitiveness in order to avoid quality discrepancies.

How did these integrations improve the production cycle?

Frédéric Bocquet: These integrations allowed us to:

  • stabilize the production cycles;
  • to reduce the defect rates related to old equipment;
  • to increase the number of pieces produced.

When it was acquired by Farinia Group 1 year ago, PJT was in the middle of a financial crisis. How has automation contributed to the recovery of society?

Frédéric Bocquet: Automation allows us to replace "older generation" means of production that were no longer competitive, increase our industrial and economic performance and remove repetitive tasks.

Are PJT employees accustomed to changes in the production cycle and what are their reactions?

Frédéric Bocquet: Peugeot Japy Technologies employees appreciate the changes because they can see and experience the working conditions imporovement and the repetitive tasks elimination. After the phases of training and handling of the new installations, employees appreciate working with state-of-the art machinery and tools.

Last but not least, will robots replace the human workforce at the machining plant?

Frédéric Bocquet: The company’s investment plan includes the setting up of robots within Peugeot Japy Technologies. Currently we have 23 robots in production, 19 of them are at the CP POWERTRAIN - RAIL. The main projects for setting up robotic cells are planned at CP MODULES. The objectives are:

  • secure machining processes by commissioning robotic cells with integrated automated controls;
  • partially replace labor while reducing non-quality costs.

The installation of 7 new robots is planned for 2019 (6-axis robots and collaborative robots).