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Floating Offshore Wind Activities

FMGC is a leading company dedicated in the development, design and manufacturing of mooring & anchoring solutions for floating offshore wind.

Thanks to 10 years of continuous development and improvement, the FMGC’s solutions are bringing significant optimization on the mooring lines dimensioning and associated CAPEX.

Our solutions are made in cast irons, a high-density raw material allowing to bring significant weight in a reduced area. Thanks to our modeling process, we are able to manufacture tailored components with varied geometries suitable to each project. Also, our mooring & anchoring solutions are made with 100% of recycled raw material and they are themselves recoverable, reducing the environmental impact.

Clump weights

  • Designed for the project's lifetime
  • Help to minimize the floater's excursion zone and optimize the mooring system responses
  • Reduce the length of the mooring lines
  • Reduce the environmental impact by reducing the area exposed to seabed abrasion
  • Capex reduction

Gravity Based Ballast

Two configurations:

Hybrid Anchor coupled with suction / driven piles

  • enables optimized anchor sizing
  • greater flexibility
  • cost optimization

Gravity anchor

  • suitable for difficult and rocky seabed's
  • as gravity anchors for dynamic cables


Through dedicated team with strong involvement and extensive knowledge of the market challenges FMGC is able to adapt its solutions to every project, site and configuration.

From the basic design to the operational deployment, we are working closely with our partners & customers to deliver the most reliable, efficient and suitable solutions.

Made of Cast Iron, our high-density solutions are reliable, efficient and made with 100% of recycled raw materials.

3D design
3D design
Assembly & Deployment
Assembly & Deployment

Being involved in most of the floating wind projects in Europe confirms our expertise and the commitment we have for all our partners & customers.

Floating wind market

FMGC is involved in:

  • 100% of all floating wind projects in France
  • 70% of all floating wind projects in Europe