PJT With a New General Manager

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Thierry Chevrier is The New General Manager of Peugeot Japy Technologies

Thierry Chevrier.jpg

Thierry Chevrier is the new General Manager of Peugeot Japy Technologies. Since its acquisition by Farinia Group in 2017, the machining and modules production plant has never ceased to develop. Farinia has already invested € 8 million in the modernization of some 350 machine tools, including the adoption of 3 robotized islands with Fanucs’ Robodrills.

Thierry Chevrier is taking over Peugeot Japy Technologies from Frederic Guinot, who was managing PJT during the last year besides his role as a Farinia CEO. Even though facing the loss of one of the biggest markets of the manufacturing site – the GE racks, Mr. Chevrier is looking optimiscally ahead into the future. The new general manager has already identified 5 big manufacturers who can become potential customers of PJT.

Thierry Chevrier has 20 years of experience in managing industrial plants mainly from the automotive sector.

Welcome on board!


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