Crowns for Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations

Repowering of wind turbines foundations with cast iron crowns

Realizing the world’s first onshore wind farms are reaching the end of their expected lifetimes, FMGC has developed a unique solution to solve the upcoming foundation issues. The innovative FMGC gray cast iron crowns are suitable for the following applications:

• the repowering of onshore wind farms,

• the repair of  wind turbine foundations,

• the launch of a new onshore wind project.

The innovative concepts EcoMat and EcoBase by FMGC offer an alternative to traditional practices, combining refined engineering, tailor-made design and integral recyclability of the material (cast iron).

EcoMat and EcoBase give transparency to the often long, complex and costly legal or administrative procedures and ease the technical and financial management of the project.

This is a non-exhaustive list of the onshore wind turbine foundation issues to which FMGC cast iron crowns can adapt:



Possible Issues

EcoMat & EcoBase Allow You To:

New Project

> Limit ownership
> Swampy / very humid sites
> Very hard floors

> Reduce the size of the base
> Reduce the depth of the base


> Unblocking of anchor rods
> Excessive fatigue of anchor rods
> Cracks in concrete

> Reinforce the backfill
> Strengthen the mass
> Relieve stress on the anchor rods


> Undersized foundation for
the new wind turbine

>Reinforce the backfill
> Strengthen the existing mass


Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing


Technical Characteristics

gray cast iron

Crowns for Onshore Wind Turbine Foundations

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