Corporate Social Worker at FMGC

Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Foundry Supports Employees on Retirement, Family Changes, Budget Management and Health

FMGC Social Worker

FMGC offers a personal support service to its employees, provided by a corporate social worker. The professional supports the employees on various subjects according to their personal needs and following the professional secrecy.

The requests mainly concern the following subjects:

  • Retirement package
  • Invalidity
  • Family changes
  • Budget management

The social worker informs the employees and also helps them to complete the administrative documents and finalize the files.

Every employee can make an individual appointment at an office within the company without vis-à-vis or sometimes at the employee's home. In the current context of COVID19, all appointments are postponed but can be made by phone in an emergency.

In 2019, 50 of all FMGC employees received support.

FMGC is continuing the process in 2020 for all employees. This support is one of the many actions that the foundry has put in place as part of its program Quality of work life.


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