FMGC Resumed Its Activity

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

FMGC restarted production, Monday 06 April, after fitting out its premises to strengthen the barrier measures

FMGC Resumed Its Activity

FMGC restarted its production on Monday 06 April, after fitting out its premises to reinforce the barrier measures that have been put in place already before and protect its employees against the COVID19 pandemic.

From 4:00 am Monday morning until 10:00 pm, David Trouillot, Chairman of FMGC’s Executive Board, as well as two people from the Human Resources department Céline Richard and Nicolas Esnault received the employees team after team, in total 330 employees (or 82%) to introduce to them a special healh protocol.

The occupational physician has validated this health protocol, and no restrictions have been mentioned. The members of the CSE and CSSCT (The Health, Safety and Working Conditions Commissions in France) were also consulted on this protocol before its dissemination to all FMGC employees. The disinfection of common areas has also been reinforced (3 times per team in all common areas of the factory).

All possible paths as going to the work stations, to the changing rooms and the refectory and coming back have been reviewed.

The main objective of the lengthening of the paths is to avoid crossing as much as possible and to permanently maintain a minimum distance of one meter between each other.

A new refectory was created to limit the number of people in the same room. Also, markings on the ground were positioned in order to clearly visualize the distances to be respected between each other.

A cleaning company will be also present to support the teams and to disinfect the handles.

Disinfectant wipes and hydroalcoholic gel are available. Each employee was provided with a hygiene visor.

We congratulate our employees who were able to respond to support the national economy.


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