Techniques in additive manufacturing



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There is a wide range of additive manufacturing techniques and their use requires a solid knowledge about the process, industry and component.

Binder jetting, fused deposition modelling and sheet laminations are preferred for 3d printed objects as jewellery, figurines, home appliances etc.

Industrial 3d printers employ, on the contrary, techniques as vat photopolymerization, powder bed fusion and directed energy deposition.

Spartacus3D has developed its expertise in Direct Metal Laser Sintering (also called Selective Laser Melting), a process of powder bed fusion where thermal energy is applied on selective regions of powder bed to melt the metal powder.

Manufacturing finished parts for aerospace and automotive implies also other techniques as shot-peening and heat treatment and requires high-quality tooling as electrical discharge machining (EDM). To actively support all our customers in the designing and engineering phases of the additive manufacturing process, we use Catia and Magics software. 3D scanning equipment is also used to insure the perfect geometry of our parts.


Our AM machines are powered by the DMLS technology (Direct Metal Laser Sintering):

  • 2 x EOS 280
  • 1 x EOS 290


Our additional equipments include:

  • Shot-peening
  • Heat treatment furnace
  • Wire-EDM
  • 3D scanning


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