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Would you like to expand, at low risk, your production capacity towards metal additive manufacturing?

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Spartacus3D, industrial expert in additive manufacturing, supports you in the transition to metal additive manufacturing and ensures its potential is maximized for your applications.

Spartacus3D team is commited to the success of your project, we offer you:

  • Our technical know-how for the optimal design (redesign) and industrialization of your components
  • Our equipment and capacity in serial-grade production through metal additive manufacturing

Spartacus3D is there for you to expand, at low risk, your production capacity towards metal additive manufacturing.

Available materials

  • Titanium
  • Nickel and cobalt-chrome superalloys
  • Stainless steels
  • Aluminum

Production Capacity & Equipment

  • 2 EOS M280
  • 1 EOS M290
  • Heat Treatment
  • 3D scanning
  • Wire EDM
  • Shot peening
Spartacus3D Build different.

AM Industries

Industrial additive manufacturing refers to the industrial use of the technology, adopted by the aerospace, dental, medical and automotive industries to produce finished parts with specific mechanical characteristics.

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AM Materials

In the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) process, the powder quality is a key factor of success. Spartacus3D works with recognized powder suppliers with the objective to offer most precise mechanical properties.

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AM Techniques

There is a wide range of additive manufacturing techniques as binder jetting, fused deposition modelling and sheet laminations and their use requires a solid knowledge about the process, industry and component.

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AM Training

Spartacus3D and it's partner CTIF, are also involved in the training of professionals engineers to metal additive manufacturing. The training is entitled "Process & Metallurgy for serial production by metal additive manufacturing".

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Vision and Mission

Your Limits are our Opportunities

At Spartacus3D and Farinia Group, we see additive manufacturing as a deep industrial evolution. Additive processes will change radically mechanical design and we are convinced that a new era is coming where shorten cycles/lead-time, cheaper customization and design for function rather than manufacturability will impact countless businesses.

As opposed to traditional manufacturing methods, metal AM is particularly relevant for:

  • Applications that combine high design complexity and low volume production
  • Ensure a certain flexibility for the production of custom components


Become your Reference for Metal Additive Manufacturing

Spartacus3D's mission is to play a strategic role in the forthcoming and global optimisation of value chains. To do so, Spartacus3D pools together the best resources (people, skills, expertise, partners, etc.) in order to build a strong industrial baseline in metal additive manufacturing.

Spartacus3D Team

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