Lower Frame

An aircraft landing gear has two primary functions. First it enables safe take-off and landing and second it supports the aircraft when is not flying. Therefore this is a critical component that provides braking stability, taxi control and steady touchdown.

There can be several landing gears on a plane, the main one located under the cockpit and the secondary ones located under the airfoil. Every landing gear has a frame with upper and lower parts, contributing to the ground stability and strength control. Upper frames are linked to the cabin and lower frame support the braking systems of the aircraft.

Setforge manufactures hot forged aluminum or steel lower frames for aircrafts.

As a trusted partner of the aerospace industry, Farinia has an extensive experience in the manufacturing of high-quality components. All our parts are a result of perfect industrial knowledge, combined with best manufacturing techniques.

Our Expertise: 

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Setforge La Clayette

Technical Characteristics

aluminum, steel

Aerospace Landing Gear Lower Frame

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