Torque Tube

One of the most crucial components of an aircraft brake is the torque tube. It is located in the hole of the brake disc and linked to the housing piston.

When the brake is actuated, the brake discs that are linked to the wheel are pushed by the pistons to the torque tube. The torque tube absorbs the whole torsion strength due to the braking and evacuates the heat during the braking operation. Therefore the component should be precisely manufactured from resistant material to bare the huge stress.

Setforge supplies the aerospace industry with hot forged torque tubes made of steel or titanium.

Farinia Group is a trusted partner of a wide range of industries and internationally recognized for its high-quality components. We deliver best results in shortest time, achieved in our state-of-the-art forging shops under the strict control of experienced engineers.

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Setforge La Clayette

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up to 40 kg



Torque Tube Aerospace

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