Upper Frame

A landing gear allows the plane to safely land on ground or water. Its second main function consists in supporting the aircraft while it is at rest.

In order to provide efficient energy absorption at landing, reliable braking and taxi control, all components of a landing gear should perform in a most reliable way. The upper frame of an aircraft landing gear contributes to the determination of the load transfer to the structure, ground stability and control.

Seforge, a subsidiary of Farinia Group supplies the aerospace industry with high-quality landing gear upper frames.

Our parts are made of hot forged aluminum or steel for top performance and high reliability. We have a long experience in supplying the aircraft sector with components and assemblies, which fulfil all international standards.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge La Clayette

Technical Characteristics

Material: aluminium

Dimensions: up to 40 kg



Aerospace Landing Gear Upper Frame

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