The agriculture industry employs a wide range of tractors to tow large equipment and transport heavy loads. The extreme working conditions in which usually the machines operate increase the risk of tipping over and require an additional weight to stabilize and optimize the performance. A special counterweight needs to be inserted in the front or rear part of the machine to secure a proper weight distribution and stability.

The three point hitch / linkage (3PH / 3PL) implements with suitcase weights provide the best counterbalancing effect by applying some force behind the rear axle and reducing in this way the weight carried by the front tires, rims and axle. In terms of resistance, reliability, production cost and density, gray cast laminar iron has been proven the best material choice for any type of counterweights.

FMGC, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, supplies the agriculture sector with high-quality gray cast laminar iron counterweights gloss finish painted and machined.



Our high production capacity and sophisticated machinery support single production or high volume long production runs. We manufacture a big variety of suitcase counterweights made of gray cast iron with laminar graphite structure that put together in a set can reach up to 5  tons.

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Technical Characteristics

gray cast laminar iron
up to 5 tons

 Counterweight Agriculture

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