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FMGC: 2 years No Accident

FMGC Management Is Focusing on a Strong Vigilance Program

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FMGC Management Is Focusing on a Strong Vigilance Program

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The Farinia Group’s CEO Frédéric Guinot and the FMGC’s Managing Director David Trouillot are awarding the team of Stéphane Peigné : Evelyne, Isabelle, Gaël, Pierrick for strictly following the FMGC vigilance program.

In November 2019, FMGC’modeling sector has registered 2 years without an accident. The exemplary performance of the employees was recognized with a restaurant meal and a dedicated trophy, made of cast iron by the FMGC’s Process Manager Jérôme Horville.

Remain vigilant while working at the foundry is a primary concern for the manufacturing industry. The safety at the work place is guaranteed only with the appropriate equipment and following the stringiest safety regulations.

The FMGC management team has put many efforts in establishing a strong vigilance program and educating all employees on safety rules. Workshop managers and team leaders were especially trained to implement at the workshops a number of safety measurements. All employees have participated at trainings focusing on equipment/movement that can cause injury if there is no alertness.

FMGC has also written its 10 Security Gold Rules which have been set up over the months.

100 days, 200 days, 1 year, 2 years per workshop without accident are also celebrated with the people concerned.