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FMGC Spreads Security Awareness

FMGC Has Launched a Massive Security Awareness Program

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FMGC Has Launched a Massive Security Awareness Program

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Since April 2019, the management team of FMGC has launched a massive security awareness program among all company’s permanent and temporary employees.

One of the pillars of the program is the VigilAnce training, conducted by the professionalists from PREVANCE, specialized in educating companies on vigilance attitude. The main objective of the training module is raising behavioral safety awareness among employees in an original and participative way.

The training is itended to reduce behavioral accidents at work but also in the personal life as at home, in the car, etc. The main message that the specialists from PREVANCE would like to spread is that safety is above all a state of mind.

At the end of December, 82% of the FMGC workforce (308 employees) have passed the VigilAnce training. All participants were highly satisfied with the educationl content of the program. New sessions are planned for the first quarter of 2020.