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FMGC’s Apprenticeship Program

FMGC Develops a Strong Apprenticeship Program to Train Young People at the Foundry

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FMGC Develops a Strong Apprenticeship Program to Train Young People at the Foundry

FMGC’s apprenticeship program is an occupational training program that combines hands-on work with classroom study. Currently the foundry has 9 apprentices in machining, mechanic and machinery, maintenance, marketing and sales, foundry engineering, IT, industrial development and purchase.

The objective of the FMGC’s apprenticeship program is to educate young people by allowing them to obtain knowledge at the field engaged in specific projects while following their studies. The program is based on the strong partnership between FMGC and various schools. The foundry provides as well the possibility for employment on permanent contracts in certain cases.

Thomas Gautreau and Louison Boisselier describe their experience as apprentices at FMGC. For more career opportunities at FMGC, please contact Celine Richard.

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1. What made you apply at FMGC?

Louison: I always wanted to work at an industrial site near Nantes. The FMGC offered an offer for the position I was looking for.

Thomas: Following my studies, I applied to all companies that offered alternation programs. I had to find a commercial position and FMGC offered one.

2. Could you please share the missions entrusted to you?

Louison :

  • Portfolio management purchase of personal protective equipment
  • Contract management of compressed air compressors
  • Portfolio management on abrasives
  • Implementation of quality procedures
  • Establishment of cleaning service provision

Thomas :

  • Management of part of the client portfolio (offer writing, search for solutions, project follow-up)
  • Customer prospecting
  • Providing the group’s marketing team with product information for external communication
  • Management and implementation of performance indicators (KPIs)
  • CRM management

3. Is your training consistent with the tasks performed at the FMGC?

Louison: The training that I am is in perfect adequacy with the missions that I have at FMGC. Indeed, I can apply many tools seen at school in business and use my experience in business to apply it on some projects at school.

Thomas: Yes, my classes helped me understand the work of commercial.

4. How do you feel at FMGC?

Louison: I feel very good at FMGC, there is a very good atmosphere in the purchasing department but also in all offices. People are very open, every time I have a question to ask people are available and will help me in what I am looking for.

Thomas:  I feel good. It's a business in a constant evolution and the work is not repetitive.