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Foundry and simulation: FMGC opens its doors

The FMGC plant will host 30 of the participants of the CTIF workshop

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On Thursday 27 April, the FMGC factory in Châteaubriant (44), a Farinia Group subsidiary specialised in foundry and European leader in the manufacture of cast iron counterweights, will open its doors for a guided tour of its facilities for the digital engineering workshop on the theme: "Foundry and simulation from design to finished part". This event is organised by CTIF and its partner, Micado's DINCCS R&D centre, and is part of the Simul-PME project co-financed by the Programme d'Investissement d'Avenir.

The day will be organized in several parts: participants will have the opportunity to attend four conferences, including "The simulation of the collapse of a forklift counterweight during casting" which will be presented by Jérôme Pichard, head of methods and QSE at FMGC, but also :

  • "The digital chain for the foundry, industrial cases",
  • "Topological optimization: feedback for SMEs",
  • "The use of the digital chain at the AFC Redon foundry".

Exchange sessions will allow participants to discuss various topics: integration of topological optimization, developments in foundry process simulation, process and mechanical strength simulation, or characterization and numerical modeling of materials. The program also includes networking sessions and a lunch.

The afternoon will be dedicated to the visit of the FMGC foundry,which will be reserved for the first 30 registrants. There are still a few places left, so register quickly!