Oil and Gas

Operating Piston

A blowout preventer or a BOP is a mechanical device intended to provide fail-safety during the drilling process after the pressure control systems have failed. A BOP prevents a gas and/or oil blowout by keeping the drill string deeply down in the well.

The operating piston is a component of the blowout preventer which moves within the cylinder driven by a hydraulic thrust. It controls the directed movements of the rams and holds them firmly in the right position, while the BOP is operating.

The Setforge operating pistons possess an exceptional fiber flow in the most stressed areas of the component. Forged in one piece for extra strength, they meet the most critical standard requirements for performance and reliability.

As a forging subsidiary of Farinia Group, Setforge shares the same vision for excellence. We are committed to delivering best manufacturing techniques for optimal results at the most efficient cost. Farinia Group has more than 60 years of experience in best manufacturing techniques with a proven track record.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge L'Horme

Technical Characteristics

4130, 4140

170 kg


Operating Piston for Oil and Gas Blowout Preventer

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