Gravity Base Ballast Testimonial: Ocean Installer

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Xavier HERAUDEAU from Ocean Installer: “Robust and simple, the design of the FMGC gravity base ballast was in line with our expectations.”


FMGC Gravity Base Ballast on Deck, Photo Credit: Ocean Installer


HydroQuest, in partnership with CMN (Constructions Mécaniques de Normandie) has deployed on April, 26 and 28 a 1 Mw tidal turbine in the waters near Paimpol-Bréhat in Brittany, France. The vertical axis turbine is kept in place be kept in place using a gravity-based foundation.

FMGC was assigned by CMN (and HydroQuest) with the design, development, manufacturing and delivery of the gravity base ballast and associated accessories, aiming at stabilizing the tidal turbine and preventing it from overturning or sliding.

Ocean Installer, a leading name in providing a full EPCI (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Installation) services within the area of marine and subsea operations was responsible for the installation and deployment of the tidal turbine and the gravity base foundations, featuring the FMGC ballast systems.

Xavier Heraudeau, the technical project manager shared his opinion on the collaboration with FMGC:

“Robust and simple, the design of the FMGC gravity base ballast was in line with our expectations and corresponding to the constraints of the underwater operations.”

Respecting the long-standing expertise of FMGC and the successful collaboration between both companies, the technical project manager has provided the FMGC engineering team as well with a valuable recommendation on how to optimize the lifting of the ballast during the next project.

Nicolas Saliot, the FMGC technical manager, responsible for the development of marine renewable solutions has highly appreciated the collaboration as well:

“We are very proud of the collaboration we have had with CMN, Hydroquest and Ocean Installer on this project. It was an enriching experience of listening, exchange and co-development letting us better understand the needs and requirements of our clients. Consequently, we were able to offer a product especially designed to meet their needs.

This close collaboration allowed us to be present from the conceptual phases until the assembly of the final product.”

The FMGC teams are committed to providing the company’s clients with excellence on every level of their projects. Collaboration is a key to a successful business transformation and innovative decisions.


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