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FMGC Gravity Base Ballast Testimonial: HydroQuest

Raphaël COQUET from HydroQuest: “The quality of the FMGC gravity base ballast has perfectly met our expectations.”

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Raphaël COQUET from HydroQuest: “The quality of the FMGC gravity base ballast has perfectly met our expectations.”

Shortly after the deployment of the HydroQuest Ocean tidal turbine, FMGC met Raphaël COQUET, a project manager at HydroQuest to get to know his opinion on the collaboration with FMGC. The French leader in cast iron counterweights has supplied the HydroQuest and CMN project with gravity base ballast and associated accessories, aiming at stabilizing the tidal turbine and preventing it from overturning or sliding. FMGC has designed, manufactured, developed and delivered the entire ballasting system of the HydroQuest Ocean tidal turbine.


FMGC Gravity Base Ballast on Deck, Photo Credit: Ocean Installer

FMGC: Could you please describe shortly the project on which you have worked with FMGC?

RC (Raphaël COQUET): The project concerns a prototype of a tidal turbine, which was installed off the island of Bréhat, in the coasts of Armor. The tidal turbine, with a unit power of 1 MW, is installed on a gravity foundation. The main function of the gravity foundation is to keep the turbine in place with tailored cast iron ballast ensuring its stability.

FMGC: What constraints did you face? (logistics, installation ..)

RC: The constraints of the ballast of the foundation were multiple. First of all, it was necessary to ensure a good compromise between the water mass, the hydrodynamic forces and the price per kilo. Cast iron has quickly convinced us because of the material‘s characteristics corresponding to all our requirements. Then, it was necessary to integrate the constraints of logistics (road transport, assembly edge to quay with light means, planning project) and the constraints of installation (capacity of the crane, capacity of the bridge, ect.).

What type of solution did FMGC offer you?

RC: FMGC got involved very early in the project, the first exchanges took place in 2014. Many iterations took place during the project, in order to adapt to the evolutionary constraints of the project and the interfaces. This led to a very well adapted design.

Would you trust FMGC for another project?

RC: That's certain.

FMGC: How did you like the collaboration with our team?

RC: I found it excellent. All the team of FMGC was really involved, which made the final product evolve and adapt to the constraints.

FMGC: Did the quality of the product meet your expectations?

RC: Perfectly.