Material Handling


The material handling equipment eases the transportation of materials with different size, shape and weight. Forklifts are the most common machines, used to lift, lower and move heavy loads. Counterweights should be added to the body configuration to prevent the machine of tipping over and guarantee its safe performance. 

Due to forklift's relatively compact dimension, counterweights need to have optimal space utilization while still providing the necessary counterbalancing weight. This aspect can only be achieved by using dense materials such as cast iron. Also in terms of production cost, fragility and protection cast laminar iron counterweights are considered the best solution.

FMGC, a subsidiary of Farinia Group, is specialized in the manufacturing of a wide range of counterweights for different industries.



We manufacture and supply the material handling sector with bulk counterweights or stacking designs, which weight can vary from 400 kg up to 20 tons. All Farinia parts possess excellent resistance properties thanks to the superior finishing in prime paint in any color and coating.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing


Technical Characteristics

gray cast iron

Dimensions :
from 400 kg to 20 tonnes



Counterweights Material Handling

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