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New Products Development Manager at FMGC

FMGC's New Products Development Manager has more than 35 years of experience in the foundry business and possesses an excellent understanding of customer needs.

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FMGC's New Products Development Manager: "My Position Has a Key Organizational Role."

FMGC Cast Iron CounterweightsFMGC's New Products Development Manager has more than 35 years of experience in the foundry business and possesses an excellent understanding of customer needs. He knows that cost, time and quality are the main variables that measure customer’s satisfaction.

The development of a new foundry product could be a challenging process, especially regarding the communication between the different company’s departments. Therefore FMGC has trusted a person who has spent a long time in the company and understands all manufacturing methods and internal processes.

He is responsible for the planning and production of the product at all stages of its lifecycle with many colleagues and customers. The most important task of FMGC's New Products Development Manager is to lead cross-functional teams and to connect all departments involved in the product creation: sales, engineering, design, customer, service, operations.

What Are The Responsibilities of FMGC's New Products Development Manager?

Once the company has received a new product’s draft from a customer or a prospect, the New Products Development Manager estimates the feasibility and defines the price. He manages the product’s lifecycle by controlling and coordinating the actions of the workshops, the quality and the sales departments and resolves all production issues.

How Does FMGC Benefit From the Actions of The New Products Development Manager?

FMGC offers customers from different industries a wide range of products. All company’s ballast solutions undergo continuous development and can be easily customized thanks to the experience and solid knowledge of our product managers.

Recently FMGC has launched a whole new range of innovative products dedicated to the MRE industry and mainly employed in the tidal, floating and fixed offshore wind power and submarine cable protection

How Did This Position Evolve During the Years?

The establishment of a trustful partnership between FMGC and the company’s customers contributed a lot to the evolution of this position in recent years. Nowadays, the manufacture of a pre-designed piece is not necessary anymore. The concept of co-design is possible thanks to the latest computerized tools in mechanical design. Repetitive changes in form and the participation of both sides during the product development is not challenging anymore. The modern technologies lower the costs for tools and fabrications and save time, while maintaining the product’s primary functions.

The scope of work of FMGC's New Products Development Manager continues to expand with every new challenge. The variety of tasks and responsibilities differs from one product to another and makes this role of a crucial importance for the entire company. 

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