Casting - Machining

Machining is a crucial manufacturing process when tight dimension tolerances and accurate surface finishes are required.  A workpiece is sized into a desired final shape by removing material from it through three main processes: turning, milling and drilling.

FMGC has at its disposal quality in-house facilities (lathe, milling, boring and drilling) to manufacture best machined components with a different size. Our controlled material-removal processes guarantee the excellent performance capabilities of all FMGC parts.

Our Expertise: 

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Over the years, Farinia Group has taken on new and tough challenges and built a solid expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality parts.

To ensure the success of your projects, we deliver state-of-art engineering & manufacturing, whether your application requires:

  • Forging
  • Casting
  • Machining / Finishing
  • Metal Additive Manufacturing