Setforge With a Heat Treating NADCAP Certificate

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Setforge La Clayette Proves Again Its Expertise in Aircraft Parts Manufacturing

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In December 2019 Setforge La Clayette has obtained the NADCAP Heat Treating certificate demonstrating conformance and recognition of accreditation for the mentioned process. NADCAP stays for National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program and represents an industry driven program where highly qualified individuals, having experience in the aerospace industry conduct the actual process audits, using criteria specific to an actual process.

Setforge La Clayette has a long history as a highly qualified supplier of the aerospace industry. The company is specialized in the forging of aluminum, steel and titanium aircraft parts.

See the NADCAP Scope of Accreditation Certificate and the exact processes, for which Setforge La Clayette has been granted an accreditation.

This is not the first NADCAP certificate for the company. In April 2019 Setforge La Clayette has re-obtained the NADCAP Non-Destructive Testing Certificate.

See all Setforge Quality Management Certificates

As a part of Setforge Group, Setforge La Clayette has always been committed to provide high-quality forged components, complying with all international quality standards to meet customer expectations.


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