Setforge Values Waste Heat

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

First Results from the Ecogreen Heat Recovery System


Last January Setforge has implemented 2 waste heat recovery projects thanks to the ECOGREEN system.

Forging, heating or heat treatment operations generate residual heat that is not directly for the production of final parts. This heat diffuses into the surrounding air and eventually disappears. These unused thermal wastes are called "waste heat" because this energy is often lost permanently.

Via the ECOGREEN system, Setforge is committed to recovering this energy by initially focusing on the cooling towers of its companies Setforge Gauvin and Setforge La Clayette.

EcoGlobal copy_0.png

What do the results show after 9 months of use on both sites?

  • 90 tons of CO2 avoided
  • 412 MWh th produced


Encouraging green heat production has enabled the heating of several buildings.

Other ECOGREEN projects are being rolled out at Setforge L’Horme, Setforge Hot Formers and Setforge Near Net.

Those are strong and concrete initiatives for the protection of our environment.

Setforge Energeco Waste Heat Recovery System_0.png


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