Brake Disc

The railway brake system controls deceleration of multiple linked cars of a rolling stock. It is actuated by compressed air which pushes pads onto brake discs.

The brake discs for high speed applications are critical parts of safety. They should possess robust design and high resistance to vibration and temperature variations for a stable friction coefficient over wide range of speeds. To reduce the maintenance cost, brake discs are also expected to have extremely long lifetime, more than 14 years.

Setforge, the forging division of Farinia Group supplies the railway industry with hot forged, highly dependable brake discs. Our components are made of superior grade steel for reliable and safe braking.

Setforge shares the Farinia’s commitment to perfection at every single step of the manufacturing process. All our forging shops are equipped with high-quality machinery and tooling for low or high-volume production.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge L'Horme

Technical Characteristics


up to 150 kg


Railway Brake Disc

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