The railway brake system is actuated by compressed air that converts the kinetic energy into heat. This happens by creation of friction between the brake discs and the brake pads. The brake discs are supported by the hub, which is assembled on the axles of the bogie.

A wheel hub transmits the braking forces of the discs on the wheels and therefore has a big impact on the reliable and safe braking. This complex part must resist very high-torsion stresses and compensates the deformations due to thermal dilations. The manufacturing process of the hubs requires a specific know-how to guarantee best grain flow for extreme mechanical requirements.

Setforge manufactures best-quality wheel hub assemblies for any type of railway vehicles.

As an internationally recognized partner of a wide range of industries, Farinia Group has an extensive experience in the manufacturing of high-quality parts. All our components are manufactured with best forging techniques and superior materials.

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