Common Rail

The modern high-pressure diesel injection system has transformed the image of diesel into efficient and clean fuel. The sophisticated common rail system reduces exhaust emissions and lowers engine noise through electronic control of the diesel pressure, timing and duration of injection.

Exposed to continuous heat and pressure, a special attention should be paid to the common rail. Its precision manufacturing from a high-quality raw material is essential for the proper functioning of the entire fuel direct injection system.

Setforge, the forging subsidiary of Farinia Group, manufactures hot forged common rails for all types of trucks.

Farinia is one of the leading world’s suppliers of mechanical parts for a wide range of industries. Our customers highly appreciate the durability and dependability of all our components, manufactured with state-of-the-art machinery and best forging techniques.

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Global Manufacturing

Setforge La Clayette

Technical Characteristics


steel, stainless steel


Common Rail Trucks

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