Reinforcement Plates

A truck chassis supports the load of the vehicular components and protects all electronic configurations as braking system, engine parts, suspension and steering. Its design also contributes to safety and comfort.

Reinforcement plates are welded on a truck chassis to improve its stability and strength. Best-quality reinforcement plates are usually made of carbon steel due to the good rupture strength of this material.

Setforge, the forging subsidiary of Farinia Group is an established supplier of reinforcement plates for the truck industry. Our carbon steel components are manufactured with best forging techniques.

As one of the world’s leaders in the supply of components for a wide range of industries, Farinia provides best manufacturing process tailored to the specific needs of every customer. All our parts meet the stringent quality requirements of our international client base.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Estamfor

Technical Characteristics

carbon steel

Up to 600 mm diameter
Up to 20 kg



Reinforcement Plate Trucks

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Over the years, Farinia Group has taken on new and tough challenges and built a solid expertise in the manufacturing of high-quality parts.

To ensure the success of your projects, we deliver state-of-art engineering & manufacturing, whether your application requires:

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