Gearbox Shaft

Tractors are used in agriculture to mechanize a large variety of tasks by delivering a high tractive effort at slow speeds. The slow operation speeds are essential for the driver since they provide a better control of the performed tasks. Nowadays all types of tractors’ transmissions (manual, synchro-shift, hydrostatic drive, and glide shift) focus on best performance and easy operation. Although every transmission has a different mechanism, they all employ transmission shafts to pass on the engine torque to the differential.

The tractor gearbox shaft is a critical component that should be precisely manufactured to bear the torsion and shear stress. The undoubted benefits of cold extrusion as higher strength, closer tolerances and excellent surface finish, make it the best available manufacturing technique for agricultural transmission shafts.

Setforge, the forging subsidiary of Farinia Group supplies the agriculture sector with cold extruded gearbox shafts for any transmission type.

Farinia Group is a leading manufacturing group, specialized in material transformation. We have been recognized from a wide array of industries for our high-quality components and experienced professionals.

Our Expertise: 

Global Manufacturing

Setforge Extrusion

Technical Characteristics


up to 120 mm diameter
up to 800mm length
up to 30 kg

Agriculture Gearbox Shaft

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